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2code Investments is a Private limited Company with the aim to generate returns and minimize capital losses during periods of market stress. Our approach to hedge fund management is based on developing products that can improve the risk-return profile of investors portfolios. 2code aims to achieve this by creating strategies that are complementary to portfolios with a concentration of equity risk. Many investment portfolios are highly exposed to equity markets through direct stock market investments with typical diversification approaches adding international equities, property investments and equity focused investment managers. While this represents sound diversification during periods of stable market volatility, during periods of market stress many of these investments may lose value. Our strategy seeks to deliver superior risk adjusted returns through the economic cycle by investing across a diverse range of proprietary trading models which we use on stocks market, forex and cryptocurrencies markets.

Timely and objective market analysis is the keystone to success. It is possible to assess risks and make a right choice at the concrete situation if only you observe market behaviour and its reaction to important political and economic news. Sometimes even usual weather forecast can influence market behaviour and, therefore, our traders keep a wary eye on the market and incoming information 24 hours a day. Application of fundamental and technical analysis: Correct application of fundamental analysis together with technical analysis increase percent of successful transactions. At the moment the great number of various tools exists for technical analysis: stochastic, oscillators, Fibonacci levels, and many others. The correct use of these tools gives really fabulous results.

2code Investments is one of the leading companies in the field of forex invesment. legally registered in United Kingdom.

UK registered company Number: 05140054


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